A Treehouse Grows in Mount Joy- Gethsemane Counseling teams with WayTea to build a therapy treehouse.

We are currently starting construction on the latest venture for Gethsemane Counseling and Coaching, a unique therapy treehouse on the grounds of WayTea and Gethsemane’s location. It is meant to be a year round room for therapy sessions or just much needed rest. The tree has been identified as an old growth Sugar Maple with 3 main trunks. The tree was trimmed and then treated. Many poison ivy vines and other vines that have been choking the tree have been removed. The tree overlooks 2 big bends on the Little Chiques Creek and is about as tranquil a setting as can be. The framing is starting this week. Much of the lumber has been purchased or donated. We anticipate seeing a first floor finished this week.

Blake Ringenberg, head of Gethsemane Counseling is the chief architect and builder. Blake brings several years of construction expertise to the table and has the vision for the house plus a 100+ foot rope bridge to make for easy access. The posts for the bridge tower were sunk and concreted last week. It will serve as a half way structure for the bridge.

Bookmark and follow along. A big thank you goes out to the wisdom and advice from friends Steve Horst and Arthur Aucker. Thank you to all who helped and prayed.


Week 3: There was much progress made with so much help from our new friend Arthur Aucker and all his lent tools. He brought his LoadAll over to help get the suspension bridge in along with so many tools for the job. The tower is a midway point for the bridge and will be an elevated deck with seating. We purposely saved the tree that was in the way and it will wind it’s way up through the deck.

There has been much water under this bridge this summer and has made working on the treehouse quite a challenge. Even so, there has still been much progress made and by the end of September plans are to be under roof and starting on the interior details.  Here’s a few more updated shots to show the progress. A special thanks to each and every purchaser of WayTea as you’ve contributed a small amount, each and every one.

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