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Yes, you can have an all natural, 100% USDA Organic Iced Tea that tastes fantastic. For some it may be hard to believe, but to us it's no surprise. See video now...


WayTeaTM is a new iced tea beverage based on that good old Lancaster County sweet lemon tea flavor we grew up drinking… without all the sugar.


It’s The WayTea Ought to Be!

Mom used more than a whole cup of sugar in every gallon but we found a better way to sweeten it and still keep that taste we always loved. A much healthier, organic approach to quenching your thirst is now available without all the calories or artificial sweeteners. WayTeaTM and WayTeaTM Zip, 100% USDA Organic, All Natural teas now give a low and zero calorie option for the health conscious consumer, a market that is growing daily.

Help Change the World! 50% of WayTea Profits Go to Charity